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Gift Buyers Guide to Lingerie

Lingerie can be a thoughtful, romantic gift for the gorgeous woman in your life. But buying such a personal gift for someone else can also be a daunting task. Never fear! We here at Burlesque Chic have put together this guide to help you get it right (you can thank us later)…

Buy for her, not for you
Remember that your aim is to get her something that she will think is beautiful and she will be comfortable to wear. You may think a g-string and a smile is the last word in sexy but try your best to find something that suits her personality and taste.


Want a bit more guidance on styles she likes? Pay attention to what she already wears. Is she the kind of girl who likes to wear lots of colours or is her wardrobe black, black and black? What about the lingerie that she already owns – does she favour lacy things or underwear that is smooth and sleek?

Size really IS important
Buying lingerie without knowing her size is an almost impossible task. This is something you want to get right – buying something that’s too small might be flattering but also means she cannot wear your lovely gift. Buying something that’s too big means you’re in a world of trouble!


The surest way to get it right is to get snooping and look at the tags on the underwear she already owns – bra sizes and knicker sizes use different sizing scales, so look at both.


Bra sizes will show a strap and cup size (eg 14C or 36B). Knicker sizes will either state a clothing size (eg 12, 14, 16) or have generic S, M, L sizing. Once you’re armed with this information, make sure you also check the size guide for the lingerie brand you’re considering. This is important as US and UK/European brands use different bra sizing and different brands use different measurements to define their sizes. Burlesque Chic has size guides for all the brands it sells.

Consider her body
There's nothing unsexier than being uncomfortable. We know that she has the most gorgeous body to ever walk the earth but chances are there are some parts of her body that she likes to show off more than others.


  • If she loves her cleavage but hates her butt, consider something that accentuates her breasts (like a fabulous push-up bra!) and/or skims over her hips and buttocks, such as a sexy, low-cut chemise.

  • If she has legs that stretch to heaven but she likes to hide her tummy, consider something that either skims over her midsection, like a teddy or floaty chemise, or provides support in that area, such as a bustier-style bra or corset.

    In fact, corsets are great option, no matter your loved one's shape. Not only are they fantastically sexy, but they'll do something for everyone, whether it be supporting a gorgeous bust or defining a luscious waist.

    If all else fails...consider a gift voucher
    Sometimes, you may just not be sure enough to buy the lingerie yourself. A gift voucher can be a great alternative. If you’re with her when she spends it, consider it a sexy prelude as you spend time as a couple to find something for a special night together. Burlesque Chic offers a selection of gift vouchers to suit all price ranges.


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