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About us

Burlesque Chic is run by sisters Chani and Gemma Fletcher. Based in Brisbane, Australia, we established Burlesque Chic to assuage our deep need to drape the world tip-to-toe in gorgeous lingerie. With gorgeousness as our motto and Marilyn as our guiding star, we wanted to find and bring to Australia glamourous, boudoir-worthy lingerie. For us, beautiful lingerie is not just a luxury, it's an everyday luxurious necessity! What's life without a little glamour, a little sparkle? The swish of silk, the smoothness of satin, a little flirty lace... the Hollywood stars of old were on to something.


Being utterly comfortable and rocking how awesome you already are: that's what great lingerie is all about and that's what we want to bring to you (it just helps that it's to-die-for gorgeous!). So whether you're treating yourself or treating a loved one to a little ooh-la-la lingerie, remember that as well as being beautiful pieces, they celebrate how beautiful you already are.


Now go forth! Browse, put your feet up, grab a glass of something cold and sparkling (or warm and comforting - we're equal opportunity drinks here) and enjoy yourself! And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us


xo Chani and Gemma


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