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Lingerie: A Manifesto for Burlesque Chic (Or why we love our lingerie :D)

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Beautiful lingerie - it's not just a luxury, it's an everyday luxurious necessitPippa Garter by Pompadour Couture Lingeriey. It's an oft-quoted refrain: we've lost something in these modern times. We live in our functional homes and commute to our efficiently-designed offices, wear our practical clothes and get around in our economical cars. Efficiency, practicality, effectiveness are all noble pursuits, particularly when we're all so busy and harried. It's just unfortunate that modern life has esteemed these values so highly that life is a little... grey.

But life is not to exist, it is to live. That means embracing the embellishments, taking the longer (more scenic) road and seizing the opportunity to be a little more frivolous from time-to-time. Because what's life without a little glamour, a little sparkle? The swish of silk, the smoothness of satin, a little flirty lace...

The stars of Hollywood's Golden Age (Marilyn, Bette, Audrey, Mae, Lauren, Rita, Jean) have commanded our rapt attention, even after all these years, because they embraced the glamour - the colour - of life. They dressed for dinner, hand wrote thank you notes and never left the house without a slick of lipstick and a smashing pair of heels. They might have liked what was practical but you can bet your bottom dollar they also wouldn't settle for anything less than beautiful.

There is a difference between underwear and lingerie. Underwear does the job; lingerie does it and makes it look gorgeous. Beautiful lingerie should not tucked away for your anniversary. It's your everyday hint of glamour, that gift to yourself that says: yes, I am this fabulous. It's the small bit of daily decadence that reminds you that you're a vibrant, living being - not only a girlfriend, mother, partner, office minion. And it is the pact to yourself that, no matter your responsibilities, your cares and conerns, there is always a place in your priorities for your own happiness and well-being.

Long live lingerie.

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